Elect Mindy Pillow

DeKalb County
Superior Court Judge

Because your family matters

Elect Mindy Pillow

DeKalb County
Superior Court Judge

Because your family matters

Vote on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mindy Pillow for Superior Court Judge

Ensuring Fairness for All Families in DeKalb County

Mindy Pillow has been fighting for families for over a decade. As judge in the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit, she’ll ensure justice for all.


Mindy Pillow’s family means everything to her, and she has specialized in family law to fight for other families. Mindy is running for DeKalb County Superior Court Judge in the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit to use her expertise to ensure fairness for all families in DeKalb County.

Prior to founding her own firm, Mindy was an associate with Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton, LLP in Atlanta, Georgia and then Davis Matthews and Quigley, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. At Kilpatrick Townsend, she was the 2010 Pro Bono Associate of the Year and focused her pro bono work on assisting lower income clients with family law issues, including adoption and child custody. At Davis Matthews & Quigley, P.C., Mindy practiced exclusively in the area of Domestic Relations and Family Law.

Mindy Pillow


The DeKalb County Superior Court hears cases that fall into three general categories: domestic (family) law, criminal (felony law), and civil law. Civil law consists of contract disputes, tort claims like personal injury, title to land, and equity (cases that involve a remedy other than damages). In 2019, there were over 9,500 domestic cases filed in DeKalb Superior Court compared with approximately 3,200 criminal cases and 2,200 other civil cases. Domestic cases far outweigh any other type of case filed in DeKalb County Superior Court.

Case Types

The DeKalb County Superior Court consists of ten (10) extremely competent, impartial, and just jurists. With Judge Seeliger’s retirement, six (6) of the remaining nine (9) judges have a background in criminal law and three (3) of the judges have a background in civil law including complex business litigation. The Superior Court is lacking a judge who has practiced domestic law exclusively and can bring that knowledge to complement the existing strengths on our bench.

Judge Backgrounds

Mindy Pillow began her career as an attorney working on general civil litigation including complex business litigation. Mindy Pillow, while specializing in family law since 2011, has presented arguments before the court for many years to protect the rights of her clients, ensure due process, guard the health and safety of juveniles, and follow the rule of law.

Mindy Pillow is the only candidate who has the right experience — and is the right choice — to be the next DeKalb County Superior Court judge.

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